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The Future of Computing

We Build High-Performance Computing Solutions by Accelerating Hardware and Software

What We Do

Software dev

Software Development

We excel in comprehensive software and blockchain development, offering end-to-end solutions tailored for both startups and enterprises, spanning from MVPs to robust Enterprise-level systems

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High Performance Computing

Where speed meets precision. Revolutionizing industries with seamless and efficient high-performance computing solutions tailored for specific business needs


Data Center Solutions

Experience the agility of our cutting-edge modular and portable data centers, ready to fuel advancements in AI/ML applications, smart cities, telecoms, and beyond

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Product Development

We manage everything in-house, from solution development to continuous delivery. Our products include Data Center Information Management System (DCIM) and optimized HPC server firmware.

Our Products

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Modular Data Center

Performance. Empower your operations with high-performance computing capabilities in our modular data centers, ensuring rapid processing and seamless scalability for your evolving needs. 

Sustainability and Efficiency. Experience efficiency and sustainability at the core of our modular data centers, designed for a greener future. RDHx and Liquid-cooling solutions that are optimize resource usage, reducing environmental impact while enhancing overall performance.

Efficient Server Racks

Density. Experience exceptional efficiency and performance with Ecoblox server racks, crafted to optimize your data center’s operational capabilities.

Cooling. Achieve unparalleled cooling precision ranging from 10kw to 60kw per rack with Ecoblox, ensuring optimal temperature management for high-density computing environments.

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Web3 Data Center Management Platform

Server Optimization. Specifically designed to optimize server computing performance while balancing electricity consumption to achieve the most efficient results.  

Data Center Management. Cloud-based management system designed to remotely manage all data center needs, from servers to investor portals – all in one place.

AWS Cost Reduction Tool

Our AWS Cost Reduction Tool will analyze your current infrastructure and provide recommendations on cost reduction on average saving 25-50% on your AWS bills!

No impact on existing infrastructure, no code changes, no downtime or outage. And it’s 100% free!

Request your free analysis today!

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Our Services

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Full-stack software development (web & mobile)

blockchain (2)

Web3 & Blockchain development, Tokens, NFT, Protocols


Telecom Products and Services

cyber-security (1)


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Network and Infrastructure


Decentralized computing 

Solutions Tailored for your Business








Live Commerce

Why Work With Us

Global Presence

Global team with access to local supply chain, partnerships and talent

+40 years

Professional and experienced team with over 40 years of combined supercomputing experience

Customer Centric​

Solutions tailored to meet client needs providing the ultimate computing efficiency​

Selected References


Our team has worked on multiple award-winning supercomputers. World’s fastest supercomputer for 3 years. Completely liquid-cooled, top 10 greenest supercomputers in the world.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Blockchain-as-a-Service solution for a telecom consisting of revenue assurance product for critical business transactions and document management security solution for any type of digital data.

Security Token Offering

One of the very the first STO. The offering was “first-ever fully-compliant, blockchain-based Initial Public Offering (IPO) accessible to retail investors.” The offering was conducted under the laws of Liechtenstein.​

Other Projects We Delivered

Sport Trading Cards - transfer of physical sports cards into digital assets - NFTs

Integrity information for data records coming from various network elements in 5G network

Digital Certificates of school diplomas (business school diploma issue and verification)

Digital census of population, households and apartments

Mobile banking application for one of the largest banks in Eastern Europe

Data visualization - for governments, financial services, law enforcement agencies, and enterprises

Blockchain (custodial) wallet for transparent donations

Smart Contract design for real estate transactions on Cardano blockchain

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We can build great projects for you or your clients. We work with early-stage startups and large multinational enterprises.



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